Commercial Projects

New Shop - top residences designed for Scotts Head Real Estate at no. 7A Ocean St Scotts Head
D.A. submitted December 2017 Commercial DA approved 2018

"The Golden Sands Tavern" - Concept of New Downtown Pub

Nambucca Heads, NSW

1999-2016 - Completed

  • We were approached by a north coast pub owner and developer to create a new licensed premises, replacing the old Golden Sands Hotel.

  • Our central idea was a 'Euro-Style' courtyard-entry which boasted a Beer Garden on the main street, providing a sophisticated facility for the service of food and beverage.

  • As pubs are always a work in progress, the past 17 years have seen additions and modifications to The Golden Sands Tavern (notably a bottle-shop's inclusion and subsequent removal).

  • Over these years we have collaborated with the owners and the Tavern's various publicans to guarantee the floor plan always suited their operational needs. Together, we have achieved a solution that suits the practical requirements of the Tavern.

  • Bringing the pub from the periphery to Nambucca's downtown community fabric, we provided a stylish oasis in the heart of a beach-side north coast town.

O.A.C. - "Open Arms Care"  - Industrial Building Upgrade for Health Premises

Nambucca Heads, NSW

2012 - 2016 - Ongoing

  • This project was a conversion of an existing factory in an industrial estate which involved us undertaking Masterplan, the Development Application and Construction Certificate. Our goal was to provide a flagship location for 'O.A.C.', who specialise in quality care for people with disability.

  • The existing premises are to be totally upgraded - from the office facilities to the activities rooms. Of primary concern was the need to bring light and warmth into a dark, cold 'shed'. We also wanted to ensure that parents of the clients with disability were secure in the knowledge that their family members were receiving quality care at the best establishment on the north coast.

"The V-Wall Tavern" - New Tavern & Restaurant

Nambucca Heads, NSW

1993 - 1995 - Completed

  • We had completed a $2.5m residential project for our client in Clontarf, Sydney when we were approached to expand the Tourist Facilities in his Holiday Resort in Nambucca Heads.

  • This expansion resulted in a new tavern, cocktail bar and restaurant, with associated specific park facilities; a kiosk, games room, toilets and underground car park.

  • The building was the first of its kind in the area, a cutting-edge design that followed the then-new service industry trend where hotels in New South Wales were becoming increasingly sophisticated establishments.

  • We provided full design, documentation and a project management service, effectively building The Tavern in eight months in the absence of any Head Contractor/Builder.

  • We liked the building so much that upon its completion we took on the license, managing the building for its first eleven years.

  • 21 years later, The V-Wall Tavern is now a well-established icon and a memorable part of the community on Nambucca's river and coast-side tourist circuit.

"Paschal & Yuuka's" - New Restaurant Concept

Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell, NSW

Completed 2020

  • This spectacular site is adjacent 'Scarrabelotti's Lookout' in Coorabell in the Byron Bay Hinterland. The area has now become a go-to destination for regional foodies, tourists and nature lovers.

  • In this project we had to deal with bushfire issues and scenic escarpment protection zones, as well as all the usual operational requirements of a 40 seat restaurant and bar in a relatively isolated location.

  • Drawing on our 35 years of experience in Hospitality Operations and Facility Design, we have developed a simple floor plan that unobtrusively sits before the existing tree line along Coolamon Scenic Drive.

  • We have created a memorable and accessible facility, perched precisely to take advantage of the views and create the unique feeling of flying over the breathtaking panorama below.

"Woolgoolga 5 Star Supermarket" - New Supermarket

Woolgoolga, NSW

Completed 2005

  • Acting on a referral from our clients at the Nambucca River Co-Op Supermarket in Macksville, the owners of the highly successful Woolgoolga 5-Star Supermarket approached us in 2002.

  • They wanted to purchase some sites around their existing premises to expand their operations from 500 to 1500 square metres.

  • Unlike the similarly-formatted Woolworths and Coles chains of supermarkets, the owners wanted their local retail flagship to reflect its unique beach-side location, with wave-like roof forms and a palette of sea-side colours.

  • We provided a full architectural service, from concept through council approvals and then to contract administration during the construction phase with a respected Coffs Harbour builder.

  • The now-completed commercial entity unobtrusively blends into the urban fabric of Woolgoolga's CBD.